Marijuana HISTORY!*!*!

Over the weekend, history was made for medical #marijuana. For the first time ever, a law was passed through both the U.S. House and Senate that included protection for patients and providers in states where medical marijuana is legal. President #Obama is expected to put his signature on the bill later this week.

This is a significant victory first and foremost for the critically ill patients and their compassionate providers who rely on medical marijuana and deserve to access it without fear of prosecution.

But it’s also a victory for everyone in the #cannabis industry and the marijuana policy reform movement.

We proved that when we work together, our voices are being heard on Capitol Hill.

In May, when the Rohrabacher-Farr amendment was first proposed in the House of Representatives, NCIA joined with our reform allies and you to take action with meetings, calls, and emails urging Congress to support this historic measure.


About Green CulturED eLearning Solutions

Green CulturED is an innovative leader in eLearning solutions, online training and talent development for the cannabis industry's most valuable resource, its people. We are a total solution provider for all things eLearning and, loosely translated, we are an IT service provider that does it all. As you may have guessed, as a total solution provider pieces together every IT component, Instructional Design and eLearning services for our partners, and we have the capability to manage it all. All clients want the same thing – a remarkable client experience and we define that as giving clients what they want, when they want, how they want - without having to ask for it.
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