Making Hash The Safe Way

Less Dangerous Way To Making Hash Hashes, waxes, and concentrates are all the rage lately, and for good reason. These forms of marijuana are much stronger and often times provide patients with fast relief of their ailments. However, hashes, waxes, and concentrates do have a dark side. Many of these products are made by running highly flammable butane gas through dried marijuana leaf. Because the resin of the marijuana plant is oil based, and the plant itself is water based, butane helps the two pieces to separate. Because making your own hash is a relatively exciting experiment, tons of people who don’t know what they’re doing are taking a stab at making butane hash oil (also known as BHO). The only problem is, most of these people don’t know the dangers of working with butane gas. Everything from a spark on the stove to lighting a cigarette could turn your beautiful glass dish of hash into a bomb! But, what if there was a less dangerous way to go about making hash?


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