Is Marijuana Pot?

Is Marijuana Pot? Can You Tell Me Why Is Marijuana Called Pot There are literally hundreds of slang terms and different names used for marijuana. Many of the different jargon used for marijuana or cannabis have been derived from a combination of the geographic location and the appearance of the processed plant. Just in case you did not know is marijuana pot, yes it is. Cannabis is indigenous to Central and South Asia as well as other warmer regions. Marijuana comes from the cannabis plant (cannabis sativa) so it is natural and derived from the female flowers and dried leaves. So how did “pot” come to America? Mexican Revolution of 1910 The Mexican Revolution was a major armed struggle brought on by tremendous disagreement among the Mexican people over the dictatorship of President Porfirio Diaz who stayed in office for thirty one years. The Mexican Revolution was started by a new generation of leaders who wanted to participate in the political life of their country, but they were


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